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Arduino WS2811 Strobe Pixels

This post will describe how I used an Arduino to interface to the Ray Wu WS2811 Strobes. These are WS2811 protocol based White 3/4 Watt LED pixels, and are individually addressable using the WS2811 protocol. You can hook these up directly to a WS2811 controller and control each pixel independently, but you would use a…

Thanks for a Great 2013 Year!

Well, another year of lights has come and gone. Thanks to all who have come out to watch the light display. We received many wonderful notes from many who visited the display this year, and each one brings a smile to my face. Planning is already starting for the 2014 display, so be sure to…

Reserved Boom Lift

A boom lift is now reserved for November 2nd. Lights start going up then!

Splicing/Soldering El-Wire

First, using wire strippers, remove the outer casing. Be sure to not cut through too deep into the second layer and careful to not cut the 2 strands of wire. Next, strip away some of the inner casing. be sure to not cut into the coating on the center wire.Wrap a small piece of Copper…


The singing heads are getting a facelift. Mrs. Claus has switched over form LED’s to EL-Wire. Santa, Rudy and Elf are getting changes from the red EL-Wire to white El-Wire.

My yard sticks/outline are done! They consist of 20 sticks to outline the yard, each with a 32 pixel WS2801 1M strip, encased in a fluorescent light poly-carbonate tube. The strips themselves are zip-tied to fiberglass driveway markers. The balls on top are from American Science and Surplus.

Thanks for a great 2012!

The display for 2012 has come and gone. Thanks to all who came out again this year. It was nice seeing some familiar, and new, faces. There were some gremlins that prohibit some of the lights from going up, and the mini trees came to life late in the season, but as a whole, it…

Need cable? Check out Computzoutlet

I go through a LOT of cable for the display, and find it extremely difficult to find 18-22 AWG 2&4 conductor cable locally, so the only option is to order online. However, any cost savings your reap from the item cost is quickly diminished by shipping costs. I recently purchased some cable from Computzoutlet on…

Converting candela to lumens

Snipped from beam angle cd/lm beam angle = 5 divide candela value by 167.22 beam angle = 10 divide candela value by 41.82 beam angle = 15 divide candela value by 18.60 beam angle = 20 divide candela value by 10.48 beam angle = 25 divide candela value by 6.71 beam angle = 30 divide…

Very Simple USB to DMX adapter (and 2-way active splitter using a SN75172N)

You can find Open DMX USB adapters and clones all over the Internet for starting around $15-$20 or so. I had some parts lying around, so decided to build my own from a FTDI UM232R USB adapter and a SN75172N chip. Wiring was dead simple.

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